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Facility Systems Integration Software

Our Facility Systems Integration Software (FSIS), known as DYNATROL has been embraced by our customers for the past 16 years. We designed and developed DYNATROL in-house to provide turnkey integrated solutions for our clients. DYNATROL enhances our security solutions to provide better and seamless integration across multiple unconnected security applications and devices, such that they could be controlled through one comprehensive user interface.

Our DYNATROL software (dynamic annunciation and control) is one of the most comprehensive systems integration software products available on the market!  Its flexibility of configuration and interaction to annunciate and control all network, serial data, or DLL capable systems is unparalleled!

DYNATROL software provides a platform for the transparent integration of several independent peripheral security and operating systems into one central control and display VDU interface.  As well, the DYNATROL system provides full TCP/IP networking capabilities allowing for distributed annunciation and control.

Over the past five years MSGI has introduced two additional products to the marketplace, the DYNATROL 1616/4040 Programmable I/O Module and the DYNATROL LANSER LAN to Serial Conversion and Integration Module. Both of these products were developed specifically for correctional requirements and have been implemented across the country.

DYNATROL was developed 100% in-house by Marcomm Systems Group Inc.

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